ED-PartyService undertakes the high-quality organization and full organization of events.

You don’t have to worry about the details, we will solve everything so you can pay full attention to the guests.
If you want your event to go according to your expectations, but you do not have time to plan and execute the preparations in detail, or to organize and manage the event, then entrust us with the organization of the event, because we will take all the burden off your shoulders. We fully implement the ideas of our customers and are aware of the quality and excellent value for money of the services provided by our partners, so we can easily find the solutions that best suit our needs.

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For us, organizing events is more than a job! We consider it a real profession and art!

Which requires dedication, precision, creativity, flexibility, and a high degree of problem-solving ability and empathy! That is why we always turn to our customers with confidence and constant communication in order to make the event a success. Thanks to this, we enrich our customers with experiences that make the event they dream of and realize memorable, whether the wedding, christening or even a corporate event, the guests leave the event with satisfaction and great experiences.

A well-organized event reflects the harmony that comes from coordinated teamwork that affects all the senses! That’s why we help our customers realize their vision, from design to construction. Our versatile team offers unique, elegant, original solutions and ideas to those interested. Our goal is to include more and more high-quality events, where everyone from the youngest to the elderly can find the ideal program elements and the experience of cloudless entertainment.
In addition, we strive to apply environmentally conscious solutions, as it is important for us to be an active participant in social responsibility and to leave a sustainable environment for the next generation.

What events can we help our clients and partners organize?

Corporate events:

  • conferences,
  • company presentation presentations
  • team building meetings
  • partner meetings
  • protocol events
  • in-house events – Christmas parties, gala dinners, team parties
  • thematic events: retro, medieval, wild west, etc. atmospheric events
  • Wine dinner, wine tasting
  • organization of a sports day, family day
  • trainings, workshops

Private events:

  • birthday parties
  • girls and bachelor parties
  • baby waiting party
  • garden and barbecue parties
  • children’s day, sports day, family day
  • weddings
  • baptisms
  • themed events: retro, medieval, wild western events, halloween, carnival, new year parties

Community events:

  • festivals
  • balls
  • fairs, awards ceremony
  • organizing municipal events
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To organize an event, we offer the following services:

  • Decoration – room, wall, tables, chairs, place setting, napkin decorations (on-site and pre-made)
  • Light and sound technology
  • Productions, performers, DJs, live music
  • Video and photo production
  • Catering
  • Location

Other services / supplies available for rent and purchase:

  • Graphic works – planting cards, invitations, menus, envelopes
  • Decorative works: eternal and living flower decorations, flower wall, tablecloths, runners, chair skirts, vases, candle holders, napkins, other decorations in various styles and designs
  • Different styles of tablecloths – cutlery, plates, glasses, accessories, textile napkins.
  • Wedding, evening and casual dresses
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